PoreShield SME-PS – ITD Program

Description of Demonstration:

Indiana Soy Alliance partnered with INDoT, and Purdue University, to develop a technology that would provide long time protection to concrete transportation infrastructure. What resulted is SME-PS (Soy Methyl Ester- Polystyrene), a Concrete Durability Enhancer providing 10+ years protection of all densities of concrete, new or old from salt (ion absorption), moisture absorption, and freeze/thaw damage. SME-PS is different from penetrating sealers. It can be applied topically or included as an admixture. It is absorbed into the pores of the concrete, by capillary action, to block fluid absorption from the inside. It is self-healing, remaining viscous, SME-PS fills pores and can adjust to new voids, protecting additional cracks or fissures as they form. In addition to advanced performance, it brings a strong safety and sustainability profile. This demonstration will show how topically applied SME-PS is cost effective protection for bridge decks, roadways and precast structures, preventing future damage while protecting the environment and worker safety. The first of the demonstration projects will be with IN DoT treating
Interstate 65.

INDot will purchase and contract the treatment of PCCP pavement joints and 6 inch overspray. An independent consultant, Pat Conner, will document installation details, monitor the results from the independent testing labs, conduct an inspection, and write a final review of the project. The consultant will also determine expected goals. Additional test sites are being targeted in OR, WI, IA, CA and other states. One of the projects must test a vertical concrete surface.


Program Application: PoreShield SME-PS – ITD Application

Contact Info:

Tess Fennelly

Paul Imbrock

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