2011 National Bridge Management, Inspection, and Preservation Conference

Meeting Details
Date10/31 - 11/04
LocationSt. Louis, Missouri

The National Bridge Management, Inspection and Preservation Conference was comprised of bridge practitioners from State and Local Agencies, Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers, Academia, and Federal Government Officials in a sharing of bridge practices throughout the nation. The gathering provided technical presentations, workshops, and a forum to share bridge strategies – including treatments; management; inspection; improvements in research, design, specifications, and materials; and promoted the benefits of bridge preservation.

Each workshop presentation was captured by NCPP staff using state of the art digital recording, so please click the play button to watch, or download the presentation in PDF format, if available.

# Name Organization Presentation Title Video PDF
1Kevin KeithMissouri DOTWelcome and Opening RemarksWatch
2Edgardo CorderoFHWAFHWA WelcomeWatch---
3Kirk T. SteudleMichigan DOTManaging the Nation's Bridges - Better, Faster, Cheaper, Safer, SmarterWatch
4Anwar S. AhmadFederal Highway AdministrationBridge Safety, Management & Preservation DevelopmentsWatch
5John M. HooksJ. M. Hooks and AssociatesStructural and Functional Characteristics of Decommissioned BridgesWatch
6Paul JensenLong-Term Bridge Performance ProgramDetermining Preservation Needs Using Inspection & Bridge Management System DataWatch
7Jeremy ShafferInspectTechTechnology and Bridge Inspection and Management - The Next 10-20 YearsWatch
8King GeeLunch Speaker 1Watch---
9Jeff MiltonVirginia DOTEstablishing State DOT Bridge Management Core Group Watch
10Butch WlaschinFHWAMoving Toward a Performance-based Federal-aid Highway Program Watch
11Allen MarshallAllen Marshall Consulting LLCMigrating Core Element Data To The New AASHTO Specification Watch
12Jennifer L. ZinkMinnesota DOTMnDOT's Integrated Bridge Inspection Data CollectionWatch
13Lee FloydSouth Carolina DOTImproved Bridge Project Selection MethodWatch
14Wade F. CaseyFederal Highway AdministrationFHWA National Bridge Inventory of the FutureWatch
15Tom HowellHDR Engineering, Inc.Innovative Bridge Access TechniquesWatch
16Anwar S. AhmadFederal Highway AdministrationBridge Preservation - Maintaining State of Good Repair Using Low Cost Investment StrategiesWatch
17Chris KeeganWashington State DOTThe Right Bridge, The Right Time, The Right Fix, The Right FundingWatch
18Dave JuntunenMichigan DOTData Collection and Analysis to Support Bridge PreservationWatch
19Paul ThompsonConsultantBridge Deterioration Models Watch
20Mike JohnsonCaltransPrioritization using Multi-Objective Utility Functions Watch
21Wade CaseyFHWABridge Management Questionnaire Report Watch
22Andy DoyleGeorgia DOTGDOT's Use of New Technology for Bridge InspectionsWatch
23Bert HartmanOregon DOTQC / QA of Bridge Inspection DataWatch
24Jeremy ShafferInspectTechPontis 5.1.2 - Supporting AASHTO NBE InspectionsWatch
25Jody BywaterWashington State DOTVideo Deck InspectionWatch
26Pete WeykampNew York State DOTNYSDOT Approach for Deck PreservationWatch
27Paul KraussWiss, Janney Elstner Assoc.Guidlines for selection of Bridge Deck Overlays Sealers and TreatmentsWatch
28Michael SprinkelVirginia Center for Transportation Innovation & ResearchRapid Overlays for Deck PreservationWatch
29Ivan R. LasaFlorida DOTFDOT Cathodic Protection Practices for Bridge PreservationWatch
30Session 4C Q&AWatch---
31Wade CaseyBridge Management Roundtable Discussion - Part 1Watch
32Wade CaseyBridge Management Roundtable Discussion - Part 2Watch---
33Jeremy ShafferBridge Management Roundtable Discussion - Part 1Watch
34Jeremy ShafferBridge Management Roundtable Discussion - Part 2Watch---
35Shyan Yung PanPeer Exchange Report-Out Watch---
36Allison KlineAARTBALunch Speaker 2 AARTBA Presentation Watch
37Mike JohnsonCaltransImplementation of the AASHTO Bridge Element Inspection ManualWatch
38Richard KerrFlorida DOTFDOT Performance MeasuresWatch
39Dave JuntunenMichigan DOTInstituting a Successful Approach to Bridge Management in MichiganWatch
40Gordon ProcterConsultantManaging Bridges Beyond the Short TermWatch
41Jon NekritzFederal Highway AdministrationMetrics Introduction - Risk-based, Data-driven FHWA OversightWatch
42Malcolm T. KerleyVirginia DOTManaging The Nation's Bridges Beyond The Short TermWatch
43Butch WlaschinFederal Highway AdministrationClosingWatch
44Jay RuohonenTalon ResearchInfrared Imaging of Bridge Decks Watch---
45Ed WelchNCPPTSP-2 Update Watch---
46Dave JuntunenMichigan DOTPreservation Matrix Watch---
47Ed Welch, Pat MillerNCPPTSP-2 Forum and Videos update Watch---
48Michael B. Johnson, Basak Aldemir-BektasJoint Sub-Committee on Bridge PreservationDefining Bridge Preservation---

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