Implementation of the 2013 AASHTO Manual for
Bridge Element Inspection – Final Report

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been collecting bridge element condition data and using its AASHTOWare Pontis bridge management system since the 1990s. FDOT has prepared its own version of the new AASHTO Bridge Element Inspection Manual to address some identified potential improvements. FDOT will need to adapt its decision support models to the new standards in order to use them with the new inspection data in AASHTO’s Bridge Management System (BMS) software.

This study has revised the existing methodology for computing the bridge health index (BHI) by investigating various approaches to assigning state weights and element importance weights. A list of recommended element weights is presented to FDOT as well as a methodology for calculating the BHI. A revised list of preservation actions was formulated to be compatible for use in the BMS software, based on the description of bridge elements, their condition states, and various levels and extents of defects in the FDOT Bridge Inspection Guide. New transition times for deterioration between states were developed to enhance the migration of the Pontis deterioration model to the BMS software. The action effectiveness model was revised, based on the new bridge element inspection manual. Based on historical costs and some assumptions, preservation unit costs and other cost parameters were provided as necessary to run the BMS software. Finally, the research team developed the migration of preservation benefits and optimization results to the BMS software, and performed the necessary enhancements to the Project Level Analysis Tool to support decision making at FDOT.

Download the 2013 AASHTO Manual for Bridge Element Inspection – Final Report

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