Local Agency – Outreach & Training

TSP-2 National Working Group “Local Agency Outreach Working Group”
Leader(s) Chair: Gregg Freeman
Co-Chair: Travis Kinney
Vice-Chair: Jason DeRuyver (?)
Secretary: (Open)
Work Scope
  1. Develop training modules for Local Agencies on Bridge Preservation
  2. Coordinate efforts with BPETG/NCPP(TSP2) LAO groups.
  3. Work with AASHTO in providing an avenue for Local Agencies to attend and participate in NBPP Regional Conferences.
Deliverable Products
  1. Develop training modules for Local agencies: “Bridge Preservation Activities” & “An Overview into the Importance of Bridge Preservation as part of an Asset Management Program”. (titles subject to change/modification)
  2. Set up presentations for Local Agencies in coordination with LTAP/TTAP, NACE, Local FHWA & State Representatives.
  3. Present the efforts of this group as well as promote the BPETG PG’s at Regional Partnership Meetings as well as other LTAP & NACE and other relevant conferences.
Expected Completion
  1. Presentation modules expected to be completed by February, 2019.
  2. Presentations should begin by Spring 2019.
Future Needs
  1. Incorporate all Regional Partnerships into the WBPP (NBPP) Local Agency Outreach Working Group in 2019.
Conclusion Efforts are focused on the coordination of bringing all of the regional partnerships together in this effort and to coordinate this work with the efforts of the BPETG & NCPP (TSP2) training and other local agency outreach activities.

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