ITD – Innovative Technology Demonstrations

Innovative Technology Demonstrations (ITD)

The AASHTO TSP-2 Innovative Technology Demonstrations (ITD) Program is a field demonstration program documented by an Independent Consultant and managed by the ITD Working Group, with TSP-2 oversight. The purpose is to introduce new and innovative preservation materials and technologies to owners of the nation’s highway systems. Demonstrations involve products, services, processes, and equipment for highway and bridge preservation.

ITD Program Pages

Program Name Company Name
Clear Stay-in-Place Forms TrueTech
Epoxy/Silane Multi-Coat System Advanced Chemical Technologies
Hybrid Composite Synthetic Concrete Kwik Bond Polymers
Integral Gel Waterproofing System Alchemco
Maintainable Weep Hole Filters Jet Filter
MALP Concrete Phoscrete
PoreShield SME-PS Indiana Soy Alliance


ITD National Working Groups Page – Link
ITD Application Form – DocxDisclaimer

AASHTO TSP-2 does not endorse or recommend any ITD products, services, processes, or equipment. This information is presented with the express purpose to share knowledge and experience working with innovative technologies.

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