Round Table Discussions

MWBPP Round Table Discussions

Round Table discussions are an excellent way for state and local agencies within a region to share their knowledge and experience on particular themes to promote and advance the state of the art in bridge preservation.

2010 Round Table Discussions

In 2010, the four bridge preservation partnerships were asked a common set of Round Table questions. Topics included the following:

  1. Bridge Preservation Definition
  2. Bridge Preservation Needs
  3. Bridge Preservation Funding
  4. Performance Goals and Measures
  5. Bridge Preservation Strategies
  6. Bridge Preservation Prioritization
  7. Prioritization Among Assets
  8. Work Accomplishment
  9. Research
  10. Region-Specific Questions

The questions and answers were summarized and published as a report titled “Bridge Preservation Partnership Roundtable: Question Responses for 2010 Report”.

MWBPP Annual Meeting –  Council Bluffs, Iowa – 18 October 2012

The meeting featured a Round Table discussion at which answers to the following six major questions were discussed:

  1. Does your agency collect bridge element condition data?
  2. How are the bridge preservation (BP) needs funded?
  3. What is the impact of the current funding on your bridge program in general, and on your bridge preservation program in particular?  Please explain.
  4. Does your agency have an approved Systematic Preventive Maintenance process for the use of Federal-aid funds?
  5. Please provide details of the preservation activities performed during the last few years.
  6. In your opinion, what are the top three priorities that you would like to see the MWBPP pursue, and why?

The responses to these questions may be downloaded in the attached (.pdf) file.

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