2011 SEBPP Annual Meeting

Meeting Details
Date04/13 - 04/15
LocationRaleigh, North Carolina

Each workshop presentation was captured by NCPP staff using state of the art digital recording, so please click the play button to watch, or download the presentation in PDF format, if available.

# Name Organization Presentation Title Video PDF
1Terry Gibson, Emily McGraw, John SullivanFHWAWelcomeWatch
2Richard KerrFDOTSEBPP AccomplishmentsWatch
3Steve VarnedoeNCPPAASHTO TSP•2 UpdateWatch
4Anwar AhmadFHWAFHWA UpdateWatch
5Michael BrownVirginia TRCLong Term Bridge Performance ProgramWatch
6Mike StenkoTranspo Industries, Inc.Timely Preservation Performed Today, Better Bridge Infrastructure TomorrowWatch
7Emily McGrawNCDOT Building North Carolina's Preservation ProgramWatch
8Peer Exchange SessionWatch---
9John SobanjoFSUDetermining Deterioration Models Using Inspection Data in FloridaWatch
10Richard KerrFDOTJustifying Bridge PreservationWatch
11Joe KrolakFHWANational Bridge Inspection Program: Aligning Scour into Data Drive, Risk Based ApproachesWatch
12Chris LeeNCDOTTaking Opportunities as They Come: Deck Preservation Work During I-40 Rockslide ClosureWatch
13Michael SprinkelVDOTLMC Overlays For Bridge Deck PreservationWatch
14Kelley Rehm & Edd HauserUNC-Charlotte Center for Transportation Policy/Disaster StudiesIRSV (Integrated Remote Sensing & Visualization) Project StatusWatch
15Michael C. BrownVirginia TRCConcrete Bridge Deck Joints - State of the PracticeWatch
16Siva VenugopalanSCS, Inc.Repair Procedures: Pros & Cons of Repair AlternativesWatch
17Wayne CurrieNCDOTTackling a Big Structure: Painting the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge (Part 1)Watch
18Aaron DaceyNCDOTTackling a Big Structure: Painting the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge (Part 2)Watch
19John SobanjoFSUBridge Preservation: Completed, Ongoing And Future ResearchWatch
20SEBPPState of the Practice: Roundtable Workshop Round IWatch
21SEBPPState of the Practice: Roundtable Workshop Round IIWatch

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